Pinless Dialing

Lycatalk provides PIN less Dial feature to our valued customers. When initially join with our Lycatalk, you have option to register the Phone number. When using our service from this registered phone number, there is no need to dial the PIN. This feature allows you to skip entering your account number and pin no.

You can even have more than one phone number with PIN less Dial. You need to Add as many lines as you want to the plan.

How to set up Pinless dial online?

Step 1 : Login to your account using your User name and password.

Step 2 : Select the 'Add/delete CLI numbers' menu option.

Step 3 : Enter your phone numbers you want to configure and press 'Save'.

How to set up Pinless dial using Phone/IVR?

Step 1 : Dial the access number

Step 2 : Follow the normal procedure to verify Account number and Pin

Step 3 : Press #* for Main menu

Step 4 : Press 1 to save your Pin number

How to make a call using PIN less dial feature?

Step 1 : Enter the access number using the registered phone number.

Step 2 : Enter the destination number, which you wish to talk.