How to Use

  • Open an account at and register your phone numbers - either landline, mobile or both and follow the steps below.
  • Dial the access number 1888 822 5690 or Local access number, you will hear a prompt announcing your credit balance, then dial the destination number you desire starting with '00' for international numbers and with "1" for Canada landline or mobile numbers.
  • Please do not press the 'dial' or 'enter' key after entering the destination number.
  • Important!! Please DO NOT 'select' the destination numbers from the 'contact list/phone book' of your phone/mobile and press 'enter/dial' - by doing so the call will be made using your mobile operator's network which may be charged at a higher price.
  • Follow-on Call : Press ## to disconnect the current call and when you hear a prompt to make a new call then dial your destination number.
  • Re-dial : Press #1 to re-dial the previous number.
  • Speed dial : You may store up to 9 destination numbers and dial them using key combinations on your dial pad, this has to done using your online account by selecting the speed dial option and then assigning a valid key to the destination number you choose. For example, if you assign 2 to 00919234123412 in your online account, you will then be able to dial 00919234123412 by pressing 2* when prompted to enter your destination number. Please note you may only choose digits between 1 and 9 for assigning speed dial numbers