Frequently asked questions

This section details our most frequently asked questions. If you have an enquiry that is not covered here please call our customer services on 1800-884-9525 or email us on

  • How do I gain access to your service?

    To gain access to our services you will have to sign up on this website or by calling our customer services on 1-800-884-9525

  • What do I get from LYCATALK if I sign up?
    • Fantastic low international call rates!!
    • Lycatalk may be running different offers on a regular basis.
    • These offers may be communicated to you via the web site, text message or by e-mail communications.
    • If you have been referred by a friend make sure you give us their account number when you sign up and
      they may get a bonus - make sure that you also refer your friends and ask them to give your account number
      - you too could get a bonus*.
  • How do I access the service from a regular phone?

    Accessing the LYCATALK service from any cellular touch tone couldn't be easier

    Simply, register the phone numbers that you usually use with us.

    When you dial in to the service using the given access numbers, your phone number will be recognized by our database and you will be prompted to enter your destination phone number.

    If you are calling from a land landline or cellular touch tone phone then you simply dial toll free access number (1-888-822-5690) or the local access number (647-428-XXXX).

    You will be asked to enter your unique Account number followed by the PIN if your telephone number is not registered to your account.

    Attention! To dial destination phone number within Canada, please enter the numbers without using the country code.

    Please note the following:

    1. Please do not press the dial key after entering the destination number.
    2. Please do not select the destination phone number from the contact list/phone book of your land landline/cellular touch tone
      phone and press dial / call button as this will generate a new call which will be charged by your land landline/cellular operator.
  • How do I pay for the LYCATALK Service?

    Paying for your LYCATALK is very easy. You can pay for your LYCATALK using our secure payment methods:

    (A) TOP UP Voucher:

    Purchase a Prepaid Lycatalk top up voucher at any available shops. Lycatalk TOP UP voucher is available for $2.5, $5, $10 and $20

    B) Auto Top up

    You can use your debit / credit card to automatically top up your account.

    This means that when your account reaches a certain level we will automatically top up your account with a pre-set amount of money from your registered debit/credit card that has been agreed and preset by you.

    This saves you the problem of having to remember to top up your account and means that you seldom run out of credit on your accounts and do not experience the undue inconveniences.

    You may also set-up auto top-up by calling our customer services.

    lease note that if the payment is declined during top-up you may not be able to make calls using the service.

    © Web Site Top Up:

    You can also top up your account online. All you need to do is:

    • Log in to your account by entering your account number and password,
    • Click on Top-up Account.
    • Ensure all mandatory fields are filled
    • Click Proceed to move to the next page and Proceed to confirm.
    • All online payments are made over our secure connections.

    (D) Phone/IVR Top UP:

    If you have registered a credit or debit card with us you can top up your account using Phone/IVR.

    Simply dial the access number from your registered line and then key in "*" then "3" on your phone once you are connected to the service and follow the prompts - it's easy!

    (Please see How to use guide for instructions on Phone/IVR Top-up)

  • Is there any speed dial facility?

    Yes you can register your telephone numbers for speed dial and then use the service by following the speed dial instructions.

  • How to use speed dial service?
    • Dial access number
    • Enter Account number followed by PIN (from unregistered phones)
    • Enter speed dial Key (1-9) when you are prompted to enter your destination number.
    • Press * after entering your speed enter number (Key),

    For e.g. if your destination number is registered at no. 1, dial 1* and it will attempt to connect immediately.

  • How do I set up speed dial?

    Via website

    • Simply log on to
    • Click on Access your Lycatalk Account and enter your account number and your password.
    • This will lead you to the Account information page
    • Enter the destination number under the New Phone Number column
    • Click ADD.
    • The numbers will be stored in the serial number (Key) as added.
    • To add more numbers follow the same process.

    Via Phone/IVR

    • Dial the access number
    • Follow the normal procedure to verify Account number and PIN
    • Press #* for Main menu
    • Press 2 to access the speed dial menu
    • Press 2 to save the new speed dial numbers
    • Enter the destination number for speed dial

    Exclude international code "011" when save/store destination number

    Via customer service

    you can set up speed dial by calling our customer services on 1-800-884-9525

    Please ensure you have the following details with you:

    • Your account number
    • Subject to verifications details provided by you.
  • Can I use the service from any phone?

    Of course, even if the landline/cell phone is not registered with us then you can still use the service, just dial either of the 1-888 access numbers or your local access number 647- XXXX we provide, your account number followed by PIN and enter the destination number, your call can then be placed.

  • Can I use the service from my cell phone?

    Yes. Please check with your cell phone operator for charges to dial the access numbers. Usually, local access numbers are included in the free inclusive minutes plan but you should confirm with your cell phone service provider.

    Some operators consider 1-888-822-5690 numbers to be a part of your free inclusive minutes plan so please check first.

    Please note the following:

    Please do not press the dial or enter key after entering the destination number.

    Please do not select the destination numbers from the contact list/phone book of your phones/cell phone and press enter/dial as this will generate a new call which will be charged by your phone/cell phone operator.

  • Is my Pin secure from any phone?

    Lycatalk is a CLI recognised service and will work better from Land lines/Mobiles, and does not take any responsibility for the service if Lycatalk is used through VOIP network or through any PABX system as it does not provide proper CLIs and also Lycatalk does not take any responsibilities for the pin numbers given to customers and it is customer's responsibility to safe guard the pin numbers provided.

    For further information please contact our friendly multilingual customer services.

  • What happens when my balance runs down to $0.00 or low on credit?

    When your balance runs down to $0.00 or low on credit you can top-up your account by:

    1. Website
    2. Phone/IVR
    3. Customer services
    4. Auto top-up
    5. Top-up voucher
  • What is the auto top up and how does it work?

    You can use your debit / credit card to automatically top your account up.

    This means that when your account reaches a certain level we will automatically top up your account with a pre agreed amount of money from your registered credit/debit card.

    This saves you the problem of having to remember to top up your account and means that you never run out of credit on your account or experience any unnecessary inconvenience.

  • How to use the added Feature Keys?

    Once you are connected to the service use the following feature keys to enhance your LYCATALK experience.

    • For a Next call : # #
    • Top up your account by phone - * 3 ( by registered lines and credit / debit card only)
    • For last number redial - # 1
    • For speed dial Press * after dialing your speed dial number, for e.g. if your destination number is registered at no. 3, dial 3* and it will attempt to connect immediately.
    • Please note that some services would not work if your balance is $0.00
  • Can I use the service abroad?

    Shortly, we may have a list of access numbers you could use when you call from some international destinations - Please call our customer services for more details. Different charges may apply for using this service from abroad.

  • Do I need to have my own phone line?

    No all you need is access to a phone service. We will provide you with an access number and PIN number to access the service from almost any phone.

  • Will I get an itemized bill or a monthly bill?

    You will be able to VIEW your call history online within minutes after making the call or processing any top-up.

  • Is there a minimum fee or connection charge?

    There are no hidden charges you simply pay for the calls that you are connected to through our services.

  • Do you charge for all calls that are made?

    No, we only charge for all calls that are connected after entering the destination number. Connected calls may include calls reaching to voicemails and operator prompts in some cases.

  • Will I be charged for the call once I dial the destination number?

    Usually, before each call is connected the minutes prompt will inform you of the call charges per minute for the destination you are calling except if dialing the 1-888-822-5690 access number.

    The played minute's message prevails over any publicized rate on the LYCATALK website, printed publication or other means of advertising with the effective dates respectively.

    This minute's message itself is free of charge, therefore if you do not agree with the played minute's message charges, immediately hang up before your call is connected and you will not be charged for the call.

  • In what increments do you charge your calls?

    We charge all connected calls in 1 minute increments.

  • Will I be billed for dialing the access number?

    You will not be charged by LYCATALK for dialing the access numbers but may be charged by the phone/cell phone operator depending on your tariff plan.

    Please note: You need a line with an outgoing call facility to dial local access numbers Ex: 47-428-3182 or 1-888-822-5690 access numbers.

    Local service provider does not charge the customer for 1-888-822-5690 or Dialing local access number Ex: 647-428-XXXX from your local area, please check this with your provider first.

  • Will I be billed for dialing the customer service number?

    No. You would not be charged by LYCATALK, please check with your phone/cell phone operator for charges to call the customer services numbers. Usually 18008849525 numbers are not charged by land line providers.

  • What is the minimum top up?

    The minimum top up for the service is: $5

  • Are your costs inclusive of HST?

    Yes, all our costs are inclusive of HST.

  • What are your international destination rates?

    Please refer to our current tariff structure available on the 'Our Low Rates' Section of the web site or call customer services on 1-800-844-9525.

  • How many users can use a pin at a time?

    Only one user can use the pin at a time. If someone is using your pin and if you try to enter the same pin number, you will get an engaged tone.

  • How will I get a refund if top up fails?

    The Top up amount should be transferred back into your account in 3 working days. In case if you face further difficulties, please contact customer services or e-mail us at

  • Can I use friend referral with any other offer?

    No, this offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer currently offered by LycaTalk.

  • When will I get my friend referral credit?

    Any referral call credit of $10 will become payable to the referrer's account after a period of 10 working days following the total $30 top-up of the referred account. Referral should complete a top up of $30 within 3 months from the date of registration & has to use a minimum of $5. The referral bonus will only be payable where the referred account is from a different address, is purchased using a different method of payment and reflecting different call records. The award of the credit will be at the sole reasonable discretion of Lycatalk that the above conditions have been met. Fraudulent claims of referral credits may result in account suspension of both accounts.

  • When I will get my special offer bonus?

    It may take up to one working day after the account opening to credit your account with $5 for accounts opened online.

  • What do you mean by PROPER after the country name?

    PROPER means any other landline destination for the respective country name unless otherwise specified.

  • I was not connected but was charged for the call.

    Sometimes your call reaches the voicemail of the called destination number or is answered by the destination operator but the operator at the other end does not transmit the voice message to us. However you can call our Customer Services on18008849525 or email us at if you have been charged wrongly and claim a refund within 24 hours of making the call. We will investigate the issue and may refund where appropriate.

  • Contact Us

    Please feel free to contact one of our LYCATALK Customer Service representatives on 1-800-884-9525 or if you have any query email us at